The OFFICIAL name request thread

@THR_Birdshaw could you change my name from danntheman to GG_CriticaLmass

HEY can u change my username from tst_stealth too sir_scrubs

@THR_Birdshaw can u change my username from tst_stealth to sir_scrubs

@THR_Birdshaw hey can you change my name to GG_P5ych


@THR_Birdshaw Can you change my name from Tayyyxd To GG_Tayyy

change name of him pls.

many people wanna change name

change name

Thx sam

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@THR_Birdshaw could you change name of TSR_CRYPTITO to GG_CRYPTITO pls.

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Ahahaha great job @TSR_SamMeci_SD, because yesterday Scrubs showed where to change the in game name for his new team in his latest vid, here because this mess😂


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haha, nice.

Change your TSR name to GG
What does this mean GG

its mean a new Team,
He leave TSR.

These are jumpers.
Are nowhere long anywhere.

@THR_Birdshaw I’d like to change my username from Frank to mxstyleking_777 please

How you know if your name change from motocross 2

@THR_Birdshaw why my name no change ?
Srcrol90 To TM_SadiiZz_261