The OFFICIAL name request thread

Could be that he overlooked you.

Yeah, there were lots of requests, and that’s the last thing anyone wants to do on vacation.

@THR_Birdshaw can you change my name from iDLogiic to LogiicNK when you get a chance? Thanks!

@THR_Birdshaw I would like to change my name from “Mpunt” to “Mason_7”

Hi @THR_Birdshaw :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :grin:
mtrracer --> TM_Racer
Matu0len --> TM_Sticc
rayclaudie --> TM_rayclaudie
iLham781 -> TM_ilham781

Thx TM_Desperados

Do @THR_Birdshaw is on vacation right now?

I’m not. I am, however, relatively busy. Changes will be made soon

@THR_Birdshaw hello is it possible to change my name from intangiblebear to traceman923 . Thank you in advance

thats taken :frowning:

got the rest


@THR_Birdshaw I would like to change my name from “Mpunt” to “dbuh”

Hey, @THR_Birdshaw could you please change my name from SnakeZvenom ----> Steevo_125. Thanks

@THR_Birdshaw can you change my name from brokemaster to tm_crashton46 please

@THR_Birdshaw Puedes cambiar mi nombre de HMX_Ezequiel a LP_TheMagician por favor.

@THR_Birdshaw can you change my name from tomachasligma to scottvn04 In mad skills mx2


if everyone goes to the same team.

It could be boring.
There is no team fight.
in the world ranking.

You should also give other teams the chance to become strong.

There is an incentive when a team is in front of you.

to suppress this.
and continue to press down from leaderboards.

we too are strong
Even though other goblins believe they have to get us out of the way.

We always take your best driver.
To make us stronger.

Join the TM_Team.

if you do not want to follow the crowd.

TM_Team is then an option.

Please change my name to LP_NixPlayer

Could @THR_Platinawolf or @THR_Birdshaw change name of him pls

May you change my mad skills motocross 2 name from ll2w to THR_melidy please and thank you