The OFFICIAL name request thread

Of course, your buddy is welcome too.

just need an OK sign from you that he wants that.
and he is in team with us

I’ve asked him and he definitely would love to join too as TM_Benji

ToshDeluxe —> in, TM_Benji

Do you know how long it will take for our names to change

You have to be invited

You can be invited.
or you make a request to the team.

Birdshaw is still on vacation.
could take a little longer

They are also waiting for a name change

Oh ok thanks mate :+1:

Sorry to bother you but could you please make it just TM_Medo instead of TM_Medo44

@THR_Birdshaw ,could you change me from SethSeppala to CoffeeAddict

@THR_Birdshaw Hi dude can you change my name in game from wr_maestro to W.Maresta143

@THR_Birdshaw hi there, my name In the game is nickthegoalie and I was wondering if I could get it changed to Elkins01 or Elkins1

I think I got all of you


@THR_Birdshaw my name still wr_maestro
Why hasn’t changed?

It doesn’t look like mine has been updated yet… iDLogiic —> LogiicNK

@iDLogiic you have to beat your current jam times to see your new name in the leaderboards, otherwise check your ingame profile it will show up there.

nothing change

@THR_aseng71 could mean he has or he hasnt :joy:

Thanks, but it doesn’t look like it was changed yet. When I search for the new name (LogiicNK) it shows that’s it’s available.