The OFFICIAL name request thread


Please change my name from DaveKabob to DoveKabob… few too many in me the day I signed up apparently :yum:


You got it, Dave😀


Can you change my mad skills name? My current name is eric_prows and I want it to be Psycho628™ @THR_Birdshaw


Mostly done. The ™ wont fly


In the early days arouns here you would always move my messengers to the right thread. Like all the time :sweat_smile:


That was Kip. Kip was the neat one. I’m more of a make fun of you if you do something wrong… or right… or nothing at all kinda guy.


@THR_Birdshaw Please change my user name in MS2 from cse to CleanSpeed. Thanks

Official Change Name Request Thread





MrNobody is already taken.


Change my name to turbocummins69 @THR_Birdshaw


What is your current ingame name


I would like to changed my name


Sure. From what ro what


MAD skil mx


I would like to havé as mathieuyamaha13


Hey @THR_Birdshaw can you please change my name on MX2 from Petersen20 to PRO_MX_PETO , also a few of my mates who play the game, rango69, jakeo512, and Macca984 will want similar changes, they will talk to you. Thanks a lot!!


Can you change my username on this forum to THR_Nuggets , like my ingame name? or How would I go about changing my @ ?


@THR_Birdshaw Hey, can you change my name on MSMX2 from vl4 to Veikkeli? Thanks.


Hello, first time using this forum so hopefully I’m not doing this wrong
My name in game is Mfizzle87 ,would I be able to have my name changed to Stratomaster1 ?