The OFFICIAL name request thread




Madmikelister —-> TM_MadMike


Can u please change my username from bmxkid197 to TST_STEALTH


Hey Birdshaw how would i be able to join THR


@THR_Birdshaw hi can you change my madskills name from reza268 to jango501 please
Thanks a lot!


Got all of you


Timholk02 —-> TM_TimHolk02
Blueman101 —-> TM_Blu3
Highjeker —> TM_Highjeker
Silver_warrior --> TM_Silver



please change my name to THR_Motocrssman)




@THR_Birdshaw could you please change my name from Tylersmith123 to Crazymotocross7 in mad skills motocross please

  • Can I join your team?
    -Moto 11
  • in jam are always from division 1 to 2
  • I’ve already completed the Jam hit challenges the same day you released them :slight_smile:


what name you want to change to?
15 characters max


Thank you for your reference.

He has already contacted me.


ur welcome :joy::joy:


@THR_Birdshaw can you change my name from MRINZO to THR_Wavey? Thanks!