The OFFICIAL name request thread


Hi @THR_Birdshaw , can you please change my name, Bionic-Smell to BroprahWinfrey?


@THR_Birdshaw Could you please change my name “tvstar5” to “ChGrossi” ? Thx


@THR_Birdshaw can you please change my name from TEXASRAN to CONORTHEMAC


Thats actually taken


have you already changed that?
wj1—> TM_wj1

New here
chrisdeboer —-> TM_chrisdeboer


@THR_Birdshaw could you change my name from THR_Ninja_Goon to THR_FORTNITEBB


@THR_Birdshaw How about AP606? Change from Ap-606


Got you all


@THR_Birdshaw can you please change my name from EtarDaBomb25 to EthanMX77? Thanks!


@THR_Birdshaw guy from the discord likes to join us
freepats -> THR_Falken18


Who the fuck are you?


Oh yeah… I seem to remember having a friend once that stopped hanging out AND IS NOW DEAD TO ME!!!


Hey! Idk but my name isn’t changed yet. Is there a problem with the change? I know it would take time but does it take 6 hours?? If you wondered this is not to complain it’s just a question. Btw my username is freepats and I want to change it to THR_Falken18


Hmm… there appeas to have been some bug with it. It is fixed now


Hi can I plz change my name from RDog06 to WFO_BigBoy

Name change request



Fritsman—-> TM_Fritsman
M1stry —-> TM_M1stry


Can’t change people to WFO without direct say so from the WFO leader.




what if iZharfan --> THR_iZharfan ? :blush:
@THR_Birdshaw thanks.