The OFFICIAL name request thread




Can you plz change my name from TABLISTA to MarinkoLukic


Please change the name once
BramBakhuis —-> TM_BramBakhuis
Hooiiiii—-> TM_Nickerd
jordysmx —-> TM_jordy312
behike54 —-> TM_BEHIKE


@THR_Platinawolf @THR_Birdshaw could you change my name from Kytkinpommi to Sender21 on both jam and esports.



Hi I would like to change my name from LP_Always_Teste to LP_Cosmic_Energy please thanks !!! @THR_Birdshaw


the max lenght is 15 characters.


Ok LP_CosmicEnergy is fine then @TSR_SamMeci_SD @THR_Birdshaw


@THR_Birdshaw Could you change name of Playboy_C-Mx to GW_Playboy.

Quero meu mudar nome

Got ya all


I generally don’t change players names, as most of the names in this thread requires Birdshaw’s aproval. Soo… Please don’t?


How many players you have in your team? You seems adding players each week!


OK @THR_Platinawolf is noted.

why do you ask?
These are some who have joined.


It was only a simple question! WFO are 26 players. I was just curious how many TM players you are :man_shrugging:t3:


At first I thought that they wanted something different from me.

You are welcome to know that.
at Time 35 though
some are still thinking.
Others still have to give their name what they like.

then we are about 40 + people.


@THR_Birdshaw can you change my name from Cbone to AP_606 please?


Could you change that for us?
KrazyT —-> TM_KraTzy


I think I’m the only one who changes the name of the team here.

Give a secret access that I do not know yet.
and has changed faster, like my new access here


Ive been a little ties up and is currently on vacation.
I have people contacting me through various channels but this one is by far the one with the best hit rate. Sometimes it takes a few days but they always get done. When someone DMs me they sometimes get done fast, but sometimes not at all. This is the best channel


@THR_Birdshaw. hi friend, could you change name of gabo1986 to TSR_Gabo1986 .



wj1 —> TM_wj1