The OFFICIAL name request thread




Old nick -> xhxbdbshs
New -> Tbr_JPedro337


Can u guys change my name from Hejjgheterolof to GFG_FingerGuns


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Sorry for asking again but can you change my name on MX2 from Albinekass to GFG_noahegerhag @THR_Birdshaw (Did not have the same name on MX as on BMX)

In that case we need a grown up. @Platinawolf can you look at it on monday? I dont know if there is a way to merge the two profiles.

Afaik there isn’t any way to merge a MSM2 and a BMX2 account. And there’s not really any good way to merge two BMX2/MSM2 accounts together.

Hmm… I guess the best thing is to make a minute change to one of the names so they are almost identical.

That or move all the info over from one account over to the other, while banning the account that’s no longer in use.

That would be a two minute job for me if I were home. But Im not untill late wednesday

My Bud wants his name changed from KtmRider157 to NebulaJones. @THR_Birdshaw that would much be appreciated! Thanks guys!

The name is taken :confused:

Can you change my name from Vincentjac to xXMasterK-400 ZXx

Can my friend Lachie902 get his name changed to THR_Lachie902
Sorry birdshaw for no proof but I can promise ya he wants it. @THR_Birdshaw
image nvm got some proof lol

There can’t be spaces in the usernames.

Done. It says MAY require proof. I trust ya, fool!

What happened to sixfootseven? Did he make the top 14 under a different username?

A wee bit off topic, but I think being a Kiwi and this having to play at dick in the morning stopped him from playing.

Not sure I follow. Was I suppose to start a new thread for that question?

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It’s ok. I aint trippin. But this is the name change thread. You could have used the WC thread or the jam thread. But as I said, it doesnt matter one bit.