The OFFICIAL name request thread


Can you still change that?
is not yet inserted in TM_Team
Many Thanks
petcow824 ——>> TM_petcow824


@THR_Birdshaw can I have my name changed from Jackcook15 to THR_Cookie


@THR_Birdshaw can you change my name from Jackcook15 to THR_Cook




mxj14 —— > TM_mxj14


Hey @THR_Birdshaw
Can you please change my name from „Roobin143“ to „RM143“ ?

Thanks a lot - great game!


No he can’t RM143. I’ve fixed your name already. Shoo, go play, have fun :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, can you please change this name: “Porno69”
to this one : “Yamalube”

thx for read.


Already taken


mxj14 —-> TM_mxj14
Were probably overlooked


So, can you please look if ‘Bombai’ is aviable.



Already taken

That one @THR_Birdshaw has to do.


And so he has.


A name change question.

if someone wants to change his name.
If someone wants to join a Team.
if someone wants to change to another Team.

It’s always a name change.
It must be announced here!?!

because it stands there
The Official Name repuest Thread

Now the question is:
How does a TM Driver get to the WFO Team?

can not find anything here where it is announced that he wants to do that.

say naughty

WFO secretly steals.
the Best Drivers of other Teams.


It does not have to be announced here. If the name change has something to do with teams it has to go through me one way or the other. Wilkerson swapping teams is a diskussion I’m not touching with a ten foot pole. You can discuss it with him or @WFO_Krokus74


As a rule, the support team (Me, Laura and Joe), forward all the name-changes to this thread that we can’t handle ourselves. Afaik, the only team we have been given permission to add people to is THR. For everyone else, we’ll bounce them into Birdshaw’s hands… Usually, we’ll have to do it a few tomes before people get the hint.


he does not have to do it
Oh, that’s how it works here.
yes good,

… Wfo_krokus74 probably does not like the team fight.

Everyone should join immediately. at @WFO_Krokus74


If it makes you feel better I changed his name to WFO_Crockpot69 for swarming me with requests.


ok, I can understand that


that could really help me feel better.

Oh, leave it like that.
It’s okay.

He goes to another team, is okay.
only that
is made mysterious.
I do not think so great.