The OFFICIAL name request thread


I my name in game is sbirro!
Me and pecla decided to created a New mad skills motocross team the name is Alpha zero
@THR_Birdshaw can you change name of this mad skills motocross Player in:
Pecla in to aZ_xPecla
Sbirro in to aZ_vSbiRRo
Impaxt in to aZ_zImpaxT
Mike in to aZ_vMike14
Dankodie in to aZ_DanKoDiE
Pippodil in to aZ_zPiPPoDil
El132 in to aZ_xEl132
Gommatecnica in to aZ_gommatecnica
Andersson9989 in to aZ_Andersson9989 im_kev_69 in to aZ_im_kev_69
Thank you so mucht


Anderssons name was too long and I’m not dealing with Kevin anymore.


Can you change my name from
Can I join THR?


Sure you can. Join us on facebook at THR - Super Secret Public Page.


Name change from
Thanking you :+1:t3:


I did. It just takes a little while to show up


Yo @Rabblejdkdnc you should join my race team BWR, I know this is off topic for this thread but we would be honored to have you on our team… now that I read that, honored is a little bit of a strong word for joining a team on a mobile game :joy: Whatever haha. Oh yeah, you should also join the turborilla discord and you can talk with all kinds of bmx players and discuss different things. Thanks!!

Can you change Goldz_Woko to BWR_Woko

THR_1Kwagga1 to BWR_1Kwagga1


Yeah cool man, I’d like that and thank for the invitation :grin::grin:
Please change my name to BWR_R3aP3R
Thanks :slight_smile:


Thank you man really do appreciate it, this is actually awesome you joining


Here is a link to our discord. If you don’t have discord don’t worry it is easy to use. There are a bunch of people, around 10, lol “a bunch” on the BWR team discord chat. On this one here it is the entirety of turborilla which has around 100 people exactly I think at the moment. If you have any questions just ask. Also we are having your profile picture made currently. Which some people don’t like using the profile pic but most of us want it to be a requirement, which I will probably enforce haha. It makes us look a lot more professional. You will need to be top 100 in jam on average… that will be extremely hard for you.:joy: also one more thing. Thanks a ton for joining we are all so excited to have you join, we really are!


@THR_Birdshaw Can you change my name to BWR_Kwagga705 please?On BMX btw :smiley:


Current ingame is THR_1Kwagga1


So when I click my profile up top on msbmx2
It still says rabblejdkdnc
I got a couple records that say thr_reaper what’s the go with the name on my profile though it won’t change or?
Please change name to
Sorry, last time brus
@THR_Birdshaw :metal:t3::metal:t3::metal:t3::grin::grin::grin:


Kwagga… your name is on bmx and mx it is the same account with the same name so it will change both of them :confused:


Hey man go check out that message I sent you, if you could please join our discord Thanks!!


@THR_Birdshaw is it possible to change my forum name?


Yes! :grinning:


Can you explain how please haha


I just changed it. Not the name you wanted?


Oh wow thanks