The OFFICIAL name request thread

Usually it’s fast in a day.
if it takes a long week

Just point out if it takes too long.

Jayna261 —> TM_Jayna261
MadBull258 —> TM_MadBull258
they are impatient

They can suck my balls😀


I cant change people to LP without a say so from the team leader


No, sorry

Can’t change people to LP without a sayso from LO team leader

Changing names is not an included feature in the game and at first simply not possible for players to get at all.

With the creation of THR i realised I had opened the floodgates and Took it upon myself to change all the names. I change A LOT of names. From here, from discord, from messenger… EVERYWHERE.

Sometimes it’s fast and sometimes it’s slow. It gets done in the end… whenever I feel like it.

Could it be THR_Antunes?

@THR_Birdshaw can you change my name from Stoney1974 to THR_Stoney

Thanks in advance!

Ok thank you TM_Desperados

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Hi @THR_Birdshaw,

Tommy has send you a message that it’s okay to change my name.

Hi @THR_Birdshaw!

Can you pls change my username from Saflip to Or simply just GolakaGo.

Thank you in advance.

Hola @THR_Birdshaw podrías cambiar mi nombre de TSR_Santy193 a TSR_SantiagoM193

Can you change my user name from tattooedrealtor to Bang_Bang please?

FHi @THR_Birdshaw would you be able to change my username Chgccghvxsfvnyc to Felixvn?
Many thanks!
And if it’s taken, Felixvn21 is ok as well!

THR_Iannone —-> TM_Kanishka2

sulaimanDK23 --> TM_DROPBAR23

Ryanquigley19 —> TM_RQuigley212 (?) (?)


@THR_Birdshaw can you change my name from sulaimanDK23 to DROPBAR23^

Carsen7707 —> TM_Carsen7707

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