The OFFICIAL name request thread

Uhm… no.

How about Crazymotox7? @THR_Birdshaw

Due to retardation of an unknown admin that may or may not have changed some unsuspecting player that had a similar name. All better now

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MadSkillsBoi —> TM_HRK739
Walker261 —> TM_Walker261

@THR_Birdshaw ok how about Roman_147 will that work


did you lose your power?

I’m sorry, but the guys are asking how long it will take.

No. Lazy. Fuck you. Ill do em later

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No thanks
I like you too, even if you have a lot to drink. :woozy_face:

Didnt do them last night… got very drunk and watched football. Did them now


@THR_Birdshaw I think you did the wrong account because my in game name is Tylersmith123

Ill get it right eventually. Right now im too fucking confused due to an knock on the head to figure this out


Hi @THR_Birdshaw could you change my name from Mad_Ace_33 to JGunawardena33


Please change my name… my name THR_Iannone. change THR_WEEB2. @THR_Birdshaw help me please…:pray:

Jan1805 —> TM_Jan1805

@THR_Birdshaw hey my in game name right is Tylersmith123 and I’d like it changed to Crazymotox7. You changed someone elses name to Crazymotox7

Finally done

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Hi @THR_Birdshaw, can you change my name from Ben2_jamin to WFO_Ben22