The OFFICIAL name request thread

@THR_Birdshaw hey can you please change my name from AnusDanus to Westonl131
Please and thank you

@THR_Birdshaw i wanna change my name from handsomeRosario to DreamKiller

Hey I was wondering if you could change my gamer tag. My current gamer tag is CjGutzkow5038, I would like it to be changed to (KTF_cjkg53)
Thank you

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@THR_Birdshaw can you please change my name from chillo18 to GG_KIMBER21

Could you please

And you could change the names of the guys
Thanks man

Mumanddadrock -> TM_Goody2004
robby4oneil -> TM_robby4oneil

shitbagtittyfuc >> TM_Shucks

CjGutzkow5038 -> TM_cjkg53


cant find ya

cant find the last two


An error happened.
Could she fix it?

Instead on TBRT_Shucks can it be TM_Shucks please

@THR_Birdshaw can you change my name from GG_xXBKRONXx to TM_xXPARALLELXx

@THR_Birdshaw can you change my name from GG_xXBKRONXx to TM_xXPARALLELXx

Can u change my name from EgamerX8 to GG_ScHmIdT

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@THR_Birdshaw Can you change my name from Franc3XD to - TheForces

Hope you can help me! :wink:

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Hello again, I would like to change ICE_Locks to ICE_BurnofV2 please and thanks @THR_Birdshaw

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Hi @THR_Birdshaw,
Would you please change my name from Thestoner to Grenade or 9renade, which ever is available?
Thank you.


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After the name change.

Did I write directly to him and ask if he would change it for you?
Unfortunately, I have not received a message yet.

After the value of the last weeks, he does a tour every 3-4 weeks.

Please have a little patience.
I know you would have liked to change it.

TBRT_Shucks —> TM_Shucks
KTF_cjkg53 —> TM_cjkg53

Ajpiacentine —> TM_Ajpiacentine

Gangstermotor17 —> TM_KGJK777
not_always_on20 —>TM_Maddog

FortniteIsAJoke change to Fresh_Vaz

Also Gangstermotor17 > TM_KGJK777

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Thanks for the tip. @THR_ELEMENT

I already informed him.
If I get information from him, I can do something.

if it was reset by the system.
no problem.
Not that he left it.

only what is desired is done.

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Yeah because in VS. he told me that his name was reset for no reason, maybe by the system idk.:+1:

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