The OFFICIAL name request thread


If you would like to have your name changed just tag me @THR_Birdshaw and I’ll get to it. If you are asking for someone else I might require some proof.

Change name mad skills motocross 2
The OFFICIAL name change request thread


@THR_Birdshaw can you change my user name on madskills from villopodium1 to the_local_shredda


There is a 15 char limit


Please @THR_Birdshaw change name



Got it a few days ago


Thanks THR-Sycho182


@THR_Birdshaw could you Change the name of “Jeffijert” to “TvH-Jeffijert”
Thanks a lot




@THR_Birdshaw You didn’t lock the previous topic, did it for you. Changing lui112 to TSR_Lui7 for ya.


Nice. Thanks, man.


Can someone change my name from THR_Zayharris to THR_ZAY


@THR_BirdShaw can you change my name from THR_Zayharris to THR_ZAY on mad skills motocross 2 and mad skills bmx 2


You forgot the @ @THR_Birdshaw should work :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I’ve got it.

Sometimes IRL, catches up to you.


Can you please change my name from noahegerhag to GFG_noahegerhag


I conjure thee @THR_Birdshaw!


It seems to be a new tag. Changed.


Thank you