The OFFICIAL name change request thread


@OnTheFrontLine @THR_Birdshaw Hello could i get my username changed on madskills motercross from ladere86 to THR_Ghost, thanks.


Hi there. @OnTheFrontLine could you change my name from mkermi to MK317 please?



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Can u change my name from THR_Baby_Dog to THR_Smalls for both msmx2 and bmx2


@OnTheFrontLine How’s it going mate? Could you please change my name “tvstar5” into “ChGrossi”? Thanks alot bro!



Pinned for a year. @THR_Birdshaw, make a new thread in a year and pin it please?


Good to go


@THR_Birdshaw @OnTheFrontLine requesting name change please, from Rahuah to 3dw4rd.

Will this change affect both in the game and the forum too?


Name change on the forum is a seperate thing but birdshaw can do that too


hi @THR_Birdshaw you can change my name in bmx 2 for TSR_lopitejo


Can you tell me how to stop emails from this site from coming to me?


From what?


I would if I could. I’d think there’s a setting for it in your profile somewhere.


Yeah somewhere :thinking::blush:


Settings,notifications learn more an you can pick notifications you want.


Somebody unpin this, I keep on getting emails. Its annoying


I had the same…you can set topic status or whatever its called from “watching” to “tracking” and you wont receive the emails anymore