The OFFICIAL name change request thread


Then my wheel would be slightly under ripe


@THR_Birdshaw when will the name change show? I have improved times on jam tracks as well as a couple others but no name change. Forgot to thank you!


Something had gone wrong. Should be good now


On bmx2 I won’t let me be mccaul_bmx is it already taken


Thats taken by you. Login with social media and you’ll automatically be your old self. It’s the same database.


Oh ok thanks


I’ve tried to connect it but It says, your twitter user is connected with a different account would you like to connect it to your current account instead.


Sorry if I’m bothering you I just kinda want to get my friends back on bmx2.


Nevermind I deleted and the reinstalled and its good now


my mxm2 en bmx2 names are different while using the same account


Shall team names still transfer over?:thinking:


not sure but if it’s the same database and I’m signed in with the same account


Ok, Im still gonna put THR


For me everything followed over when I started bmx2. Even them which I follow. :smiley:


Super odd.


Ok, cool


@THR_Birdshaw @OnTheFrontLine Can I get my name changed from PalmSprings to Uhl760 on both mad skills mx 2 and mad skills bmx 2? please and thank you!


CathedralCity to JoshDeLosSantos


Hi @THR_Birdshaw can you change nsme of antonytrujillo to TSR_Antony

The OFFICIAL name request thread