The OFFICIAL name change request thread


Can you ad 159 on my name bird :unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn:THR_BOB159


NO! I named you Bob for a reason!


He he :stuck_out_tongue: If you wern’t in THR I’d be able to change it if you sent in a support ticket. As is, your stuck with whatever your Team Manager sets it to be :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually my role as team manager has nothing to do with it. It’s on account of my power times my level of assholeness that I refuse. His name used to be like typ2159:)/637bdbshen so i changed it because I got tired of typing it everytime he won something😀


You forgot to multiply it by “Common Sense” then :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s some good stuff right there. Mr



@THR_Birdshaw My name is Mcrocket right now, and i’d like it to be Danner374. Thank you




Hi could you change name of Mendoza_wr30 to TSR_Mendoza30. Please






Can you change my name from THR_Zayharris to LP_Zayharris


I can only change to LP after explicit say so from @Murdock_Martins


So then good drive


Can you change my name from Attackdaddy to THR_Silent @THR_Birdshaw


Hello, please could you change my username from: ‘Mattthetomato’ to ‘tomatowheel’ if it’s taken put a 1 or something after I don’t mind as long as it says tomatowheel :slight_smile


Done. Welcome.


As if anyone else would pick tomatowheel😀


Haha FYI it’s because my rear wheel is red and front wheel is black, I also don’t have an obsession with tomatos, maybe


So what if you change to an orange wheel :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: