The OFFICIAL name change request thread


@OnTheFrontLine @THR_Birdshaw
Requesting name change from hgjvjjj Too AUSCrf23


Can someone change my username from Zayharris To WFO_Zayharris on mad skills motocross 2


You’re gonna need some permission from someone on WFO for that… They have some (more like a lot of) pretty strict requirements to join :sweat_smile:


THR_birdshaw can you please change my name from Zayharris to WFO_Zayharris On Mad skills motocross 2


Actually no. I have been asked by WFO team leader, Krokus not to add any people to WFO without direct message from him.


Can you change my name from Zayharris to THR_ZAYHARRIS


or come to TM_Team


Can you please change my name from Zayharris to THR_Zayharris


Sure… done.




dude. you forgot change my name


Super odd that it didnt take… I know I did it. I’ll do it again.

Edit. It DID take the first time.


thx so much


Please i can you change my from ZTZ369 to WFO_ZTZ369 @THR_Birdshaw :pray:


Actually no. I only change people to WFO after direct request from the WFO leader.


Ahh okry


THR_BOB VICE PREZ 2018 fuck you birdshaw . Poster coming soon


#OnTheFrontLine can you change my name from elkcreek to treynolds72, thankyou @OnTheFrontLine


Can I get a name change from Wiramendoza56 to WMendoza130? Thanks in advance. @OnTheFrontLine @THR_Birdshaw


can you change name to TSR_Anthony416