The OFFICIAL name change request thread


I think it draws from the same database so the names are the same.
If you are on facebook the. Join us at THR - super secret Public page


ScrippsRanch to Cathedral_City



Can you change my friends name, from nick22331144 to Somethingcool22


Join THR! youll be even more most awesomerererrrrest :grin:




@THR_Birdshaw ScrippsRanch to CathedralCity





Im on the madskills fb page yes but have not been able to find the THR page. & thx for the namechange. toh both my Motocross & bmx are linked to my google account they both have different usernames


About the page just search for THR - super secret Public page


:laughing:will do boss


Can you change a friends name from Shandydejeaica to ZTZ369


hi @THR_Birdshaw . can you change my name of TSR_Mecias_EC to TSR_SamMeci_SD please.


@THR_Birdshaw Can you change the user name Murlymo that was misspelled to MurleyMo? Thanks.


:point_up: Another WFO @THR_Birdshaw :point_up:


How many times can I change my name before you send me back to privateer island :unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::+1::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Hi… Can you change a friend name from shandydejeaica to ZTZ369… thank your @THR_Birdshaw @onTheFrontLine




@THR_Birdshaw @THR_Doucheman could you Change the name of “Jeffijert” to “TvH-Jeffijert”

Thanks a lot


Thank you :innocent:


Got it