The OFFICIAL name change request thread


If cody changes can i have sixft7? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: jokes, it will be 3ft2 by the end of the week :joy::metal:


Also can you please change brett cooper and justin coopers usernames as a little surprise :slight_smile:


Yeah i would steal the name as well… But I’m 4 inches short :grimacing: obviously making up for those somewhere else but i doubt that counts :joy:


Oh i meant swap them around… haha


:joy::joy::joy: thats gold.


IDK man. This all seems like shit I would do, but I’ve only ever done it to people who know me personally.


kom naar ons TM TEAM


NL en US Team
anderen zijn ook welkom
kan ook naar ons toekomen
@TvH-TheMighty88 @TvH-Downhilly @TvH-Louwes318 @TvH-Tvh85 @TvH-Lenny94


Hahahaha :joy: where have you been mate? You’ve just come out of no where, never seen you on these forums,

But nah I agree @THR_Birdshaw make the name swap happen, would be funny :metal:

Ohh and @sixfootseven, when are you going to get good at Bmx2!? :wink: isn’t that your shit in real life :ok_hand::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Making up for it somewhere else? You have 7 toes too? :joy::wink:


Change your names to THR?, @THR_Birdshaw get onto this :ok_hand::joy:


THR-Downhilly45 :joy:


The worst TvH rider… :rofl:


No thank you


can also come to us if you like.
everyone is welcome to enjoy this game.

Nederland ook in ons Team TM


everything is good, nobody is bad.
The fun counts here.


No thank you, we’ll stay apart.


What do you mean?


You had to open ur mouth aye :joy:


Just that you thought I hadnt changed the last name. Saul Goodman


all right, good luck.
I wish you success