The OFFICIAL name change request thread


1 character too long




No it’s exactly 15 right then it’s not too long :grinning:


Oh perfect. It did have a underscore in it, he must of edited it


Haha don’t worry about it… No wait actually do worry about it you should definitely be able to count to 15 by now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


hi @THR_Birdshaw can you change me name please
actual name: lopitejo
new name: TSR_lopitejo


@OnTheFrontLine could you change names pls.


I think that was all of them


How long before my name is change just wondering?


Set a faster time in jam to replace the old one. If your name has done been changed by by birdshaw up there👆 then your good to go


please change this name.
@THR_Birdshaw @OnTheFrontLine

CoolRider2016—>> TM_Speediskey28

but this time they should find him.
sorry for your circumstances »Birdshaw


Do you think you could help my buddy nic004 get that sweet LM_ in front of his name? @OnTheFrontLine?


Good to go


got it changed


@THR_Birdshaw or @OnTheFrontLine can u plz change my name from TSR_Bdog36_FL to TSR_Bdog_FL last name change for a while birdshaw :joy:


I think we will actually have to imply $20 a name change to you😜


I’ll send the invoice



Old nick -> new nick

fq0007 -> TBR_007Queiroz




@OnTheFrontLine @JoeW723 Could you please change my name from DoogleIsInFront to Deegan11 thanks