The OFFICIAL name change request thread




good to go


/mod @OnTheFrontLine my name is wha123 and i want it to Armienta_62 on mad skills mx2




@OnTheFrontLine can you change name of

to TSR_Doxow


@THR_Birdshaw my name in the game is lopitejo i wanna change for TSR_lopitejo


@THR_Birdshaw or @OnTheFrontLine can u plz change my name from TSR_Bdog55_FL To TSR_Bdog36_FL


/mod @OnTheFrontLine I would like to change my name from SpeedOfLight51 to K-Dub 51 on mad skills mx 2


Dude somebody change names??


can you please change this name.

@THR_Birdshaw @OnTheFrontLine
Allen_Busch —> TM_Speediskey28


Thank you


Could u change my name


Cant find you


From what?


Ive gotten all of the ones I could find


OK thank you. @THR_Birdshaw
Have him again written as his player name is.


FROM lopitejo


/mod @OnTheFrontLine can you change my name from K-Dyb51 to K-Dub51, thanks


That was on me and the Danish Autocorrect on my phone. Its all better now.


Hi, friend! Please, help me to change my name from “xo2l” to “TDS.KZ_Xo2L” if this name violates the rules, then “TDSKZ_Xo2L”. Soon, all the participants of our club "mad skills " lovers in Kazakstan will add clantag. Can we do?
Thank you!
Sorry for my English.


@THR_Birdshaw can you change name to TSR_JuanPaferCO