The OFFICIAL name change request thread


done… some of us have jobs ouside mad skills, man






i Can`t change names.


@THR_Birdshaw you’ve been putting in some serious over time lately have a cold one bro you deserve it :beer:


Think you should charge a $1 per name change Birdshaw


20… at least


Hi im looking to change my name it TRN_Shamus99 im looking to change it to TRZ_SHAMUS723


@THR_Birdshaw Im looking to change my name it is TRN_Shamus99 i would like to change it to TRZ_SHAMUS723 Thanks


Looking for the official name change Gofundmepage.:unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn:


Hey @THR_Birdshaw , this time it’s real,

Could you please be a legend and remove my name and change it to “UTUBE_SMXFilms”

Would also like to say… I know there’s no THR in the name anymore but I’d love to stick around if you guys could imagine there still was! :crossed_fingers::joy:

I’m being serious…



Like fuck would you even be allowed to leave THR lol even if u wanted to :metal::hugs:


@THR_TacoBandito Haha that’s the response I wanted! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::metal:



Goddammit I was hoping you’d leave. Too many Aussie fucks, eh Taco?:grinning:


Hahaha I’m not leaving :wink::metal:@THR_Birdshaw


:joy::joy::joy::metal: THR fo life :unicorn::unicorn:


For once I thought the game was ad free :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@THR_KingT72 Ayye?


I was messing around saying yall were puting in ads for YouTube.


Hey can i change my name from Matti1000 to LM_Matti1000 i GOT permission to join by Bjorkas, i know him irl, og that’s enough @THR_Birdshaw @OnTheFrontLine