The OFFICIAL name change request thread


Goddammit now I cant find you. Can you screenshot your name.


My name is TSR_Bdog_154_FL


Changed it to TSR_poopiepants

Not really tho



:joy: lol


That would have been.
A embarrassing name lol


hate to have to ask again but @THR_Birdshaw

can you change my name from THR_Rotter to katanas



Wow. Didnt think that one would fly. If it had been taken I would have named you MallNinja instead


yup, i had to check first​:joy::joy:

btw thats a pretty nice name you’ve come up with, wouldn’t even be mad kappa


Hi. Could I change the name Schitt95 to 19Bps95 please? Cheers


Got it


@OnTheFrontLine @THR_Birdshaw

Filosofem to [88]FilosofemF9 or 88_FilosofemF8


Can u change my name pgomaster101 to YG_Lcaliper plz


@THR_Birdshaw hey birdshit, could you please change my name to “Holdsworth Productions”

Cheers maaaaate! will just help people find me easier on YouTube…

Wait, “Youtube_Holdsworth Productions” is waaaaay too long… right? :joy::metal:


Like super duper too long. All of your suggestions. 15 char limit.


Can u change my
Name from pgomaster101 to YG_Lcaliper plz it would
Be awesome


Dude, Im not really sure Whats going on with YG atm But as it is right now I cant add the YG tag


here is the thread @YT-EjDeR-09


Can u Change it from pgomaster101 to Lcaliper then


So… If u would do it in how many time it would be added?