The OFFICIAL name change request thread


I seen you up top on the leaderboards with bike 1 :joy: pretty fast


I can see any withdrawn comments and I can assure you it contained no info whatsoever.


I know it was there, it just magically disapeared😂


@THR_Birdshaw hey bro plz change the name valine to Harsha_JOKERZ thanx


Thanks mate :wink:
If want to join, beat me for bike 1 in challenges at least ten times :grin:


Do i need to do something that my new name will appear in mad skills game? Restarting the game wont help.


Set a faster time and your new name will show up on the leaderboards


Well me actually changing the name also tends to help.




Haha :grin: Sweet :+1:


Hello, it would be much appreciated if you could change my name to THR_Moto151


THR_BOB THANKS BIRDSHAW101. That’s funny cht



It would be sweet if you can change my name from JaredBender676 to JB676 @OnTheFrontLine @THR_Birdshaw


Can you do it? My name. I would appreciate it.


Odd… I did it days ago, but it didnt register. Should be good now.


Change the name shaclar to THR_Lastige.THANKS


ca nyou change name of angelocampo to TSRMASTHERS. pls


Are you able to change my name to THR_MotoR25




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