The OFFICIAL name change request thread




Done. Why on Earth did you want a change?:grinning::grinning::grinning:


Apparently he’s tired. :joy:


Thx and I know it was a great name I just wanted to play with my family😂




@JoeW723 Can you change my username from Jrock-69 to JordanK thanks!

Edit: @THR_Birdshaw or @OnTheFrontLine



How long does it usually take to change ?


Till either birdshaw or frontline has time to change it :grinning:


jrock rrrrrrrrryaknowamsayinnnnnn… blap blap chea yeaaaaa.


Can i join? Please my name is Askjer7


if do you want join any team. you can join to The Official MSMX2 Team Rosters


@Fadin_Gaming here is the Change name Request thread


Can someone change my name from KTM_hunter26 to YAMi1-2-5_hunter26 Please @OnTheFrontLine


That new name isn’t gonna fit within the 15 character limit :grimacing:


I would like to join the WFO team. It would be awesome if I could join. My name is Mr_MotoX2 in game as you can see. A question about the WFO team is what are the requirements to get in? Thanks👍 I would like my name to be. WFO_moto2


I think you have to finish top 25 overall in jam 3 weeks in a row


What about YaMi_hunter26 @OnTheFrontLine


Challenge accepted but I got my own team anyways hahaha