The OFFICIAL name change request thread



@THR_Birdshaw plz change my username from Asif_Jokerz to Asif_racing


Hey man, it might not be immediately but they will get to you. Gotta think some are at work. Some are probably asleep on the other side of the earth😂


@THR_KingT72 thanks for the update


Still waiting for the people from the other side of the world to wake up and look after my request for the username change :pray:




Haha birdshaw will get it soonish probably :joy: he doesn’t get paid for it so don’t expect him to be changing names 24/7 :grinning:


@OnTheFrontLine or @THR_Birdshaw can I get my name changed from SAVAGE0428 to CRF_Braaap28


someone plz YZF_Marlin_CALI to ScrippsRanch


Good to go


Got it changed


Gotcha changed


I thought it works fast. Can I get my name changed from Asif_jokers to Asif_Racing


Main man front has already done it.


Awhile ago I requested to have my name changed from kvnphlps to KPGUZZI_32 and it seemed to work for a few days but reverted back to kvnphlps. Is there something I needed to do to make it permanent? Can it be changed to KPGUZZI_32 again? Thanks for your help!




hey guys could someone please change my name from Kayla8198 to JoshuaBoii thx @THR_Birdshaw @OnTheFrontLine


Got it


I would like my name to be changed from Cockpussybitcha to PinkFlash if its available @THR_Birdshaw


Hey, could you change my name from williii to vilivps. thanks @THR_Birdshaw @JoeW723