The OFFICIAL name change request thread


@OnTheFrontLine could you plz change
YZF_Marlin_CALI to ScrippsRanch thx

and yes its my user thx :grinning:


@Bragstad needs to allow you into the team first :grimacing:


Yep, all the tags on names like YG THR TSR WFO YZF and more are team names that you have to get in first


I need help,they changed my user without me knowing and without my permission,i need to return him to normal,someone help me?


@THR_Birdshaw or @OnTheFrontLine can help you


If you just say what the name is they changed yours to and what it used to be @THR_Birdshaw should be able to get it fixed


someone changed again to the old nick.
can be changed again to TBR_Lucas?!


Hey, can my username be changed from “TheNickurrr” to "THR_TheNickur


Sorry i mean from “TheNickurr” to THR_TheNickur


Wooohooooo you gonna help me take over the netherlands for THR :grinning:


@THR_Birdshaw or @OnTheFrontLine Can you change name of Anthony_MC to TSR_Anthony_MC


Ja hahaha


Jij komt toch uit Gelderland @THR_Dutchman


Nee Overijssel :slight_smile:


Sometimes it does that itself, mine changed back the first time


@THR_Birdshaw please change my mad skills mx 2 username from “BJ_PEPITO_ 8” to “turbomx8”


Hey guys id really appreciate if you could change my name from Kayla8198 to JoshMadBoi @OnTheFrontLine


this is for madskills mx2


Can U plz change my username from Asif_jokerz to Asif_Racing plz


How can I change my username?