The OFFICIAL name change request thread

That username is already taken. Anything else?

Could you change mine from Nich2300 to Schell if possible please, thanks dudes

That name is already taken. Anything else you would like?

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Damn now that is funny haha. The change has been made @Bragstad (congrats on the WC btw!)



Take heart, man. TCR reckons you as unknown yet. Improve your times and always hang around Top 200. Then apply again if you still wish to.


Next game we will definitely do name changes differently. You guys and your silly teams has made this a nightmare ha.


Your team of “Tremendously Horny Rhinos” is a bit silly to me. I would have picked a different name, but do whatever you want :joy:


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So are all these names confirmed in any way?
I better hope, because you can’t come here and just throw a bunch of names to Birdshaw of guys you want in your team :smile:

Jimlongding are a top 15 guy, so congrats to him :slight_smile:

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@Marko_Jovanovic Kip does make a damn good point!
So I went ahead and reverted ever single name of ppl that did not come to me directly. Tell your friends to show up here if they want to change their name.

Edit. That goes for you too @MaChew907


As you can see below, your request was denied. Furthermore I will give you the chance to pick a name. You will do wise to pick a good one, because you’ll be using it for a while. I’m done.


can you chnage my name from SRT_AZVENDZGARD back to marej2003

You sure? Be sure because it sticks.

Just play the god damn game Marko.
Unbelievable :joy:


Just change my name to 19ALAN

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Can someone please change my username from JTKMX565 to BobbyRalph?

@THR_Birdshaw could you change name of TCR_JOSE_PR to TSR_KAKAROTO_US


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