The OFFICIAL name change request thread

Can somebody or someone help me? How can i change my name in mad skills motocross 2?

Hook @OnTheFrontLine or @THR_Birdshaw up and they’ll take care of your name change request.
Just hashtag their names in your post :slight_smile:

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I didn’t know this thread existed. If you want a name change please tag me in it and I’ll change it as soon as I can!

Or tag @OnTheFrontLine. One of us will handle it.

FYI, for any support related questions just tag me and I’ll handle it :slight_smile:


This is correct. Your old times will have your old name. Once you beat those times you’ll see your new name.

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Can someone change my name from fukherpipe to 17_Sam @JoeW723

requesting name change from “rilayy” --> “rotters”. btw what can be done about inactive usernames?

@rotter Change has been made. Not sure about the inactives. @JoeW723 may know

Can someone change my name from lkslkkssksnjxk to jelo2801 ?

I dont see why you could possibly want to change your name. Rolls right off the tongue. :grinning:


requesting name change from Meter531 --> “Mettler#531”

@Mettler I cant do usernames with characters in them and Mettler531 is already taken

Can you change my name from LSDX to C17H21NO4

Thx a lot!

Cocaine… classy


@Michael_Hdz Change has been made. Also @THR_Birdshaw you paid way too much attention in Chemistry class

Thanks man! Why dont we have this feature ingame yet?

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Changing name is left hard to do on purpose, because it’s nice to know who is who.

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You need to restart your app for starters, and the new name won’t appear on the leaderboards untill you improve your time.

Keep up the good work, @OnTheFrontLine. :thumbsup:

Handling all these requests in record time ain’t a mean feat.

Hello, can you guys change my name “Reactant” to “bob66" or "bob66”? Many thanks! Happy new year!