The OFFICIAL MSMX2 Jam Discussion


Sweet tracks all three weeks


What was the cut off time for top 1% at the end of Fly Series event?


Any good hearted souls out there willing to offer pointers on this week’s back scrub? After 1000 attempts I have finally managed to back scrub the jump regularly but can’t seem to get the bike rotated back enough for a good bounce. There has to be something I am missing.


So there is this trick where you swipe back and forth between gas and brake (or keep tapping brake when using auto throttle) while holding the lean forward button. What this does is rotate you forward faster and faster everytime you do it. Now this allows you to lean back a little further while still being able to rotate forward enough to get the bounce.

Aside from that its just a matter of doing it over and over until you get a feel for where the bike needs to be.

Hope that helped. :grin:


This does not regard a Jam, but thought it was pretty funny…Been playing a long time and I have gotten a few 0.01s, but never this…was curious if anyone else has seen a “Time Slip” this close…


Have gotten a 0 blank a few times


I’m really on fire this week. I’ve been cheated by a bug I discovered just now.

It goes this way. . .

I play on two phones with the same username/account.

I got my best time on Jam Track1 (Long Haul) on phone 1. Time is 2:09.401

I got my best time on Jam Track2 (June 1963) on Phone 2. Time is 1:15.036

Then, my total time is not adding up correctly. It’s showing 3:25.359

It should have been 2:09.401+1:15.036=3:24.437
I’m being shortchanged by almost a full second. At least, I should have been ranked above that lousy TSR prez @TSR_SamMeci_SD :smile:
Cc: @THR_Birdshaw

I hope this particular bug is corrected in MSM3? :thinking: @bryan @hyarion


The same happened to me just this week, my solution was to overcome both tracks on the same device


Yeah. That will mean beating my time on that @THR_Birdshaw track. . . I planned to, just now, but it has corrected. I don’t know whether it’s because I just updated the app or because some devs corrected it.


Erh, Neither. It doesn’t always check things for the combined leaderboard. However, if you keep playing, it will eventually figure itself out and correct things.


My second best week. Top 0.6%




This week’s Jam track Vapor Trail podium is funny. 5 seconds into the race, ZSE had already opened about 2 seconds lead :astonished: