The OFFICIAL MSMX2 Jam Discussion


I hate both of track


Love the second track, and actually have a good time on it. The first track though…


after the big triple at the land on a wheelie(if you can hold it til you jump over the hump) if not, try to lean forward a little to be abled to kinda jump were you wld land on the hump perfectly, if that makes sense , but other than that just try to clear the hump and try and get into the perfect position before you hit the be hill , if you maxed out on the nose wheelie before you hit the hill it heps o much, it took me 800 attempts to get used to it and I only cleared the whole hill 2 times , but a little more advise make shure you got the rest of the track down good , becuz I wasted a nose wheelie run becuz that triple after the whoops. just grind it out bro and you will nail it


Thank you

I do have the rest of the track down, i think this is about as good as it gets for me without hitting the nose wheelie haha


think im dine this week




Ah its been a while, feels good! Haha


sweet time bro I having trouble on that track im like sub 3500 and it don’t feel good lol


Finally. Times are tight this week.


So hype over my times this week I still feel I cld do a lil cleaning up on T2 but for my 7th week playing I’m happy :metal:


What about, Current Jam Week @THR_Birdshaw


Tracks this week ,… Are fucking dope , :metal:


So glad this week is almost over , T2 is by far the worst track iv played , fuckin aye there was no reason but to give headaches and that’s annoying


I know right. I hit such a lucky time. like 100 tries got me a top 10 time OA and everyone in top 10 i talked to said same thing, all luck on those whoops


How’s everyone liking the Fly Racing Event? Are you in the top 1%? 25%? Im at around .09%, hopefully I can keep it up the next two rounds. I think the gear looks nice and I might as well get them just to collect them. Cheers!


I got 970th place in total this week. Is that in the 1%?


Right around top 1% yes :+1:


The wife and i have been travelling europe the last couple weeks so i changed my location to ireland last week and set times and we’re in the uk couple days then amsterdam this week then back home to australia next week, will my registration still count because ive changed my location? @JoeW723


If you look at the bottom left corner of the standings it will show you if you are top 1%


Yup, I was in the top 1% last week.