The OFFICIAL MSMX2 Jam Discussion

This is the thread in which to post your gripes about the tracks, sing the designer’s praises, and smack talk your opponents. This thread will keep running unlike the individual weekly threads that have now stopped.

Have at it!

What happened to the sweet poems you used to make each week? Miss those good old days.

Yeah I liked them aswell. But there were so few responses by the end that it didnt make sense to do the threads any longer. So I stopped. Then I got the idea to just make a neverending one. So here we are.

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Never ending gob stoppers

@THR_Platinawolf think there might be a slight bug here, last night i decided to do some last minute runs in msmx2 cause i didnt have a time yet, this was the result:
Now the thing is i was in division 1 before that and it moved me down to div 2 even though thats definitely within top 10% :thinking:
FYI i dont care about the division so no need to put me in div 1 or anything just might be something to look into :upside_down_face:

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Your mom is a slight bug.

The boards were all kinds of fucked up last week due to a total mystery event that Noone will ever find out what caused. Im sure this bug was derived from that.

Yes, absolutly no-one will ever know what exact little bird caused the issues last week. Cough cough

Ah okay haha i figured id be something else cause i only played last night…so not when the bird bug was still going on :grin: but you could definitely be right…ill just blame you for this :+1::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You don’t simply recover from the bird flu.

Hold on there was a bug last week? An I thought I was killing it’s.

THR sucks



caps tax

I see what you did there :fist::+1::checkered_flag::trophy:

Just want to say thanks to everyone (designers, admin, racers) for keeping the game alive and well. Took a long break last year, then Harvey hit. Game helped with that slump.

Anyway…currently liking the mix of track designs a lot. Times seem to be really competitive. May not be the fastest, but it’s fun as hell, even after 2,000+ frustrating attempts :joy:


Waiting for Iceman to come and knock me out :joy:
Thinking of changing my name to Maverick, because he’s always the one to come along and mess my day up.

Can anyone send me a fastest time (video) on this week?? Help me​:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

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not a fan of the 4 lapper , after getting the nose wheelie started loving T2

Any tips on hitting the nose wheelie on this weeks