The OFFICIAL MSMX Jam Week #222 Discussion

Tracks Tornado and Leo Liftoff by @rcboxer and @JoeW723.

Do you care?

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You made it a beta forum :joy: good job man! :+1::joy:

Fuck you

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This will be the last Jam threads. Head on over to the Turborilla Discord for jam discussions and jokes about @THR_Dutchwoman ‘s mom from now on.

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Where is everyone?

Discord bro lol

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What the hell happened to the overall times?

Legend has it that some super awesome idiot fucked up.
Arent they back now? The are for me

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:joy: on the track yes but for the overall not for me

Oh well… Enough with the loser talk. Go and take first!

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I am in first
On both tracks

For now

Well get firstere



Hey guys… Is my game just messing up or am I missing something? How does 31 and 285 end up being 1119…?imageimage


okay so my combined overall times didn’t make any sense untill I just improved my time on nerves. now both times add up to what is shown on the overall leaderboardScreenshot_20180528-122930
for the other players, not so much