The OFFICIAL MSMX Jam Week #220 Discussion

What is the matter with you, Birdshaw? Still hung over? Yeah… pretty much.

Tracks this week are Turn The Tables made by @rcboxer and Kwagga Sagga made by @OnTheFrontLine


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This track so good, love it

I feel like i know this track…

You do. Its a WC 2017 track with an extra lap.

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THR_Birdshap puede cambiar mi nombre de usuario richardcabrera1 a THR_RICHARD_23 POR favor gracias.

So close to a line I know nobody is doing on Kwagga Swagga but can’t seem to put it all together yet :thinking:
Many different “important” sections that make or brake your time on this week’s jam. I like it. :metal:t2: