The Official MSMX Jam Week #218 Discussion

One man.
One dream.
One awesome beard.
This is the official Birdshaw discussion. Talk about what an awesome guy he is, right here.
There are new tracks aswell. I guess you can talk about them aswell… Whatever.

They are Snowstorm by @mx.phreek and Are You Serious by @JoeW723

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I’d say something but ma ma always told me that if ya ain’t got anythin nice ta say, don’t say nuthin.

Well that’s just mean.

Hmmm, base on experience with their previous design styles, I would have guessed that Snowstorm was created by @JoeW723 and Are You Serious was by @mx.phreek .

Pretty cool tracks this week, go and check out my first look video if you get a chance :metal:

I also mention a new series I’m starting up, which is all about my subscribers, so after you watch the video, think of a cool name and you might hopefully wink wink win 5 premium jam rounds, just have to get on @THR_Birdshaw ‘s (Tooks) good side, kidding he loves me… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yo @JoeW723, Good job naming the second Track… that’s all I’m going to say. :v:

Might as well named it SERIOUSLY. Found myself already saying that.

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thanks for doing them. Like to watch. Though this last one was a bit frustrating. Did you do enough backflips? Lol.

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Hahaha sorry mate :joy::joy: I always play like that at the beginning :metal:

Are you serious?

Best beard in the bossiness 115% awesome

Only 115%?! The artists are going to be so sad!

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Ol Bob here is refering to my current level of awesome.

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