The OFFICIAL MSMX Jam Week 214 Discussion


New tracks are up.
Saint or Sinner by @mx.phreek and Reflexes by @OnTheFrontLine.
Both great track that you must play a million times each.


Started with reflexes, it is awesome, wouldnt be a frontline track without a sick front wheelie section.


Indeed! Lol or a trick bump and run to clear a break check completely like in Tough Luck Jr :joy:


Fantastic job on this week’s tracks! @mx.phreek and @OnTheFrontLine


Thanks Ethan!


No no man, thank YOU!! Putting in serious work on your track image|690x387



Holy smokes man you are doing work!


Too late too little for the World Championship, but hell yeah man, sick flow! :metal::dash:


THR in #1 spot yeaaah, when did THR_bragstad and ZSE happen?


I saw that. Lol how cool. :joy:


Factory riders, man


Please you will give me that hat thank you @THR_Birdshaw @OnTheFrontLine please




Yeah sure, man. I’ll get right on it.
No wait… just a quick question. Did you win the World Championships last year along with a 10.000€ prize? If no, then no.

And I really like the way you blocked out the identity of the goddamn world champion.




Can anyone tell me where to find one of these jerseys?


I’d like this hat aswell


You can get the hat here im sure.20180329_081338


oh…ok i have no that hat :smile: