The OFFICIAL MSMX Jam Week #210


We all know the feeling. Getting up in the morning, feeling great, going to Sweden to party (well that part you probably don’t), new tracks are up… and then… The Stone. WEEK RUINED!

The tracks this week are Red Eye by @JoeW723 and Kuddle Up by The Stone aka @Matt_Kudla aka huuuuuuge jerk.

Give it hell!


I should have taken out the tappable section. I like the braking line but didn’t really think about the tap. I had tunnel vision. My bad so sad


It’s really not your fault. It’s the fuckwits who coded the luck for their core group of nut huggers and tried to sell it to the rest of us as skill.


I don’t think that’s fair. The game is beautifully coded by some of the best minds in the industry. The physics of this game is on point! However, you need to remember that they are people aswell.
When @Matt_Kudla made this track he simply hadn’t seen the possibility of a skip line and he is one of the very top players. The guy that puts up the tracks from the pool of built tracks is a good player, but nowhere near as good as Matt. How in the hell is he supposed to catch every obscure possible line there is?
The top guys are always finding ways to break the tracks in the hunt for a few extra thousands of a second. This time they succeded big time.


Is a good fun track. I just never been able to do the flipper skipper in the whoops. Or whatever you all are calling it. Lol. The pogo mambo?


Sick track Kudla, loving it.


Thanks man! Glad you like it


Few players do. Just do the slowdown.


@THR_MX_GOON crazy lap in #KuddleUp. :grinning::muscle::+1:


crazy luck but I will take it :see_no_evil:
went from 32.2 to 31.5.
like normally you’d improve by 0.1 or even less
it’s my first ever overall win.
:hugs: :hugs:


First not loser!


Yup, congrats on that :clap: