The OFFICIAL MSMX Jam Week #209 Discussion

Thursday is here and that means new jam tracks! This week they are Sun Dog by @mx.phreek and Error (talk about a fitting name, eh?) by @JoeW723.

Don’t be losers! Win it!

knaks a si mom snamhctuD

Screenshot_2018-02-15-17-29-14 This guy seemseems to be first in world ranking i was shocked to see 24sec timing i checked his video its oly half finishing lap… plz check

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That bug has been going on for a few weeks already actually :sweat_smile: dont worry theyll remove his time :+1:

doesn’t it get old to do this week after week and get ur times deleted. I mean how many of m are out there or is it the same guys on new accounts. Can’t they ip ban 3 time offenders.

Im not sure IP bans are possible in this system.

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I know it aint gonna last long but so far so good. Must say the tracks really suit my style.

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Nice bro ran out of premium so trying to figure out the fast lines haha

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Join us on right now to try and win some

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they gonna play or what :troll:

Goon what’s your favorite track

scrub city

Wow fun track


52:576 both me and iceman eheheh don’t think I had seen this before
Edit: I might have seen it on here once but never happened to me before

I kinda have a problem
Screenshot_2018-02-15-18-50-18 so my time should be there 19th in division 1 yet its not…

is it fixed yet? Might have been with the server issue? I can see maxgreg his picture had not loaded on ur screenshot

Whut daaah &#£¥₩ Only 40 attempts for that? :open_mouth:

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Get the hell out off here!! How did you get so lucky in 40 attempts :scream::smiley:

Haha @THR_MX_GOON @THR_Jogga72 I did get a bit lucky to be honest but I don’t really play mad skills a lot anymore if I would get into the grind and go for like 1000 attempts on each track I probably would even impress myself lol


If you’re not playing madskills!?? What the hell else can you possibly be doing :thinking:

Be playing BMX 2 :wink:

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