The OFFICIAL MSMX Jam Week #208 Discussion

A lot of questions are to be answered this week.
Who will win ? Well ZSE will, but still…
Has Joe FINALLY made a track that doesn’t suck? Well probably not…
Will @THR_Sam27 still be called THR_Samantha27 by the end of the week? Probably…
Make up your own damn questions from here on…

The tracks the week are Chargin by @JoeW723 and Uphill Battle by @Monroe201.



I suck at uphill battle but it is really satisfying to play


I kinda felt like uphill battle was a little too simple and was hoping for a line I hadn’t spotted and then came the Kudla flip :smile:

@Monroe201 nothing against you though man haha

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@THR_Birdshaw hahaha I guess its better than TookMcTookFace or whatever it use to be lol, I reckon you’ll leave it for the week? I think you should leave dutchgurls like it is for a least the next month lol


It’s all good, it was meant to be simple

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My first look at jam week 208, go and check it out if you have a chance! :metal:

Worst video ever. I would know. I just watched it twice!

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Hahahah @THR_Birdshaw, at least your determined! It’s not a short vid :joy::wink:

Both the tracks are quite fun this week. Is the flip intentional @Monroe201 ?

@Zaffar_Ariff no it was not intended

By the way, it’s a good track. Cheers :blush:

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Hahaha look at this @THR_MX_GOON :joy: Think ill do some more attempts to improve later this week but look at how damn close we are :joy:

Might aswell be an hour… loser.


Now you know what Lotte van Beek felt like today

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naah, much like last week when you was .006 in front of me. But if you are going to give it another shot maybe so will I :see_no_evil: . Im doing this endurance series in career and I keep crashing out on the last lap -.- goon


A wise (and handsome) man once said:


yes you are right so I improved once more @THR_Birdshaw

Now we’re talking

So did i :grin:

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