The OFFICIAL MSMX Jam Week #208 Discussion


A lot of questions are to be answered this week.
Who will win ? Well ZSE will, but still…
Has Joe FINALLY made a track that doesn’t suck? Well probably not…
Will @THR_Sam27 still be called THR_Samantha27 by the end of the week? Probably…
Make up your own damn questions from here on…

The tracks the week are Chargin by @JoeW723 and Uphill Battle by @Monroe201.



I suck at uphill battle but it is really satisfying to play


I kinda felt like uphill battle was a little too simple and was hoping for a line I hadn’t spotted and then came the Kudla flip :smile:

@Monroe201 nothing against you though man haha


@THR_Birdshaw hahaha I guess its better than TookMcTookFace or whatever it use to be lol, I reckon you’ll leave it for the week? I think you should leave dutchgurls like it is for a least the next month lol


It’s all good, it was meant to be simple


My first look at jam week 208, go and check it out if you have a chance! :metal:


Worst video ever. I would know. I just watched it twice!


Hahahah @THR_Birdshaw, at least your determined! It’s not a short vid :joy::wink:


Both the tracks are quite fun this week. Is the flip intentional @Monroe201 ?


@Zaffar_Ariff no it was not intended


By the way, it’s a good track. Cheers :blush:


Hahaha look at this @THR_MX_GOON :joy: Think ill do some more attempts to improve later this week but look at how damn close we are :joy:


Might aswell be an hour… loser.


Now you know what Lotte van Beek felt like today


naah, much like last week when you was .006 in front of me. But if you are going to give it another shot maybe so will I :see_no_evil: . Im doing this endurance series in career and I keep crashing out on the last lap -.- goon




A wise (and handsome) man once said:



yes you are right so I improved once more @THR_Birdshaw


Now we’re talking


So did i :grin: