The OFFICIAL MSMX Jam week #207 Discussion


Another week, another set of tracks… But who cares about this stupid old game? Go play som BMX 2 instead… GO!

Are you still here?! WTF are you doing?! I said GO!

Holy shit, man! Are you really too dense to follow a simple instruction?! Will you go play BMX 2 already?! GEEEEEZE!

OK, OK… Since you’re still here I might aswell tell you that the tracks this week are Kingman by @mx.phreek and Face Off 2 by @WFO_BLISSY52.

And MSMX2 still ROCKS!!!


Should have called it frustration! That first jump is killing me. Knew it would be possible but not that hard haha


Kingman is mx_phreek


Im so used to track obe being by Joe that I didnt bother to check


ok seriously @WFO_BLISSY52 screw that first jump lol


Was intentional :joy::+1:


This just in… Blissy is a dick.


HEY! Two year cake day! happy birthday Forum!


I want one slice too :stuck_out_tongue:


zse served me some humble pie already


C’mon @THR_Doucheman 0.006 not even funny


Hahaha thats damn close :joy: but i mean both of us are gonna improve so it probably won’t be THAT close at the end of the week :joy: oh and i doubt i’ll be the one leading by the end of the week :sweat_smile:


what are the odds havin both of us in this tiny country :joy:… But it depends if yall wanna teach this pony a new trick. Cuz right now I’m a 1 trick… just can’t make big air. I made a post about it a couple of weeks ago, cant get over walls, can’t clear the triple off at the end of the 1st track. haven’t even come close to clearing the 1st jump on that second track. just can’t.

I feel for Marvin Musquin he just can’t do big whoops


Well it’s basically a matter of timing the leaning you do…lean back while coming up to a jump to get the most speed…then once youre at the jump you lean forwards…dont lean forwards before the jump you really have to wait till youre about to take off and make sure you us the suspension to shoot you up a little higher :slightly_smiling_face: that should do the job :+1: now enjoy destroying my times :joy::joy::joy:


@WFO_BLISSY52 what a dumb jump for newer time players. Just watched someone uninstall the game cuz of stress.


Hahah stress over a jump really!


The jump is only possible for bike 11 anyway so how would new time players even be attempting it. The track isn’t built just for bike 11 either it’s possible on bike 1


I’m getting this super annoying bug on both tracks on bike 11. It’s almost as if the down button is broken. It drops super slowly and also the bunny hop is super weak. They should fix that!


He will be back after he gets of rehab. Lol


Aright guys you reckon I can hit the seat bounce and improve, you’ll have to find out!
Also sharing this video helps me out a ton guys, cheers!! :metal: