The OFFICIAL MSMX Jam Week #206 Discussion


well guess there’s a lot of m that will pass me before the end of the tour but will see I’m happy with where I’m at


Here I am trying to motivate you with kind words…


The endurance tracks will make you want to throw your phone out the window. @THR_MX_GOON


I’ve beat all of the track packs except for the championship.


me to.


I have once thrown my ps3 controller at my tv which made it a really expensive game of mx vs atv reflex -.- hopefully endurance won’t be like that eheheh


Just took like 0.7 seconds off my time on track 2…was ahead of the world record all the way up until that very last jump right before the finish…missed the scrub unfortunately…still a good improvement :ok_hand::smiley: especially since the first 4 overall are glitched times again


can’t even be on top of the Dutch leaderboards these days…


Second loser.
You dutch fucks are perking up!


@THR_MX_GOON hey can I send u a versus when I get home from school I want to see what lines you take and how fast you go and yes ill try to play daily.


Well after I get home from school I will play.


I can’t wait for the Phoenix replica this Thursday with those long and fast rhythm sections and those whoops should be great.


My new Sexy turborilla Riding Gear motivated me 2 try again




Caps tax


Holy shit Thats an amazing run!


kinda messed up at the end huh got all nervous


Dont blame ya


sure thing I have barely played versus this week and have a hugenormous list of challenges that I have 2 answer still. But I’ll try 2 play frequent


Screw vs. JAM FOR THR AND GLORY!:grinning:


So this week I will get paid a lil better?