The OFFICIAL MSMX Jam Week #206 Discussion


To hit the perfect nose, you have to

  1. believe that you’re going to hit it in that particular run;
  2. land while holding your front wheel down at the perfect angle;
  3. exit safely without letting your back wheel touching ground.

When you hit the perfect nose and as you exit, you rock your bike in the air (backward and forward at the appropriate time) so that you land farther away with the extra speed boost. :wink:

For the wall, @THR_Doucheman’s explanation is on point.



Chy’s tutorial


I just hit ur nose wheelie line… messed up on the wall jump bit still a decent time for 4th overall


Third loser



At least with the shitty tutorial, GOON is now fourth overall. :yum:


A clean wall jump would’ve gotten you the top spot, definitely.


it’s a good thing the tutorial came with some video :roll_eyes:


yeah. You’re good.

Even with the video, the 5000th loser (insert name here) above still can’t hit it :grin:


well I am done for the week :persevere: that’s for sure.


Awww maaaaaan. Only three more assholes to go.


Yea. I would have loved him to try.

That’s a close shot to overall first position(well…0th loser) for the week! :grin:


There are lots of reasons to keep on trying:

  1. As @THR_Birdshaw said, there are 3 more losers within sight. Your next good run might just be it.

  2. Get the number 1 position and your replay will gather close to a million replays while the Jam lasts. :wink:

  3. Make @ZSE743 race you and sweat throughout the whole week :grin:

  4. You’ll be the highlight of the next Turborilla show :grin:

  5. You’re sooo close to hitting the 52s. Just shave off a little, and you’ll be there. :+1:


  1. @Zse743 is on close to 20 weeks overall unbeaten streak. You’re so close to breaking it. @JulitoBmx is very close too, but hey, you’ve got nose wheelie, they got nada :wink: :grinning:

  2. You saw the nose wheelie video and within 2 hrs you jumped to 4th overall. What if you put in extra 2 hrs?

Now, thats some motivation to keep trying. Conquer that nose and wall
Go for GOLD :+1::+1::+1:


Sounds good but let me make some lame excuses.

  1. My next run won’t be it. I did 826 runs hit the wall perfect twice and did the nose wheelie twice means 1 out of 413 to hit either one. to hit m both in one run my chance would be 1 on 413x413 = 170569 on every attempt…

  2. Normally I put in my last jam attempts on Friday so I already played in jam 2 days longer than usual.

  3. Versus week is about to start. You need to be early so you have all the tracks dialed in early.

  4. zse will beat anyone anyway anytime anywhere anyhow

  5. I do feel like I’m getting better at this game. learning some new tracks maybe if I like get a lil better at it to a point where I can maybe hit it like 1 out of every 25 attempts then I’d be happy to try.

  6. not many of you know this but I’m always in the top 10 on the dutch leaderboard at Madskills bmx. Mainly cuz there’s only 6 dutchies on there atm that will change this week toh. But I want to get into division 1… Im horrible at that game but it’s good fun.

  7. Im out of arguments but I can prolly make up 8 more that make just as much sense as the previous 6.

  8. I haven’t finished career yet

  9. It kinda pisses me off how slow Marvin Musquin is in the whoops… I really wanted him to be the champiom this year.

  10. I’m weak

  11. Justin Barcia is back at it and I love it



Initialism tax


Sooo, what im getting… 3rd loser IT IS! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


U haven’t finished career yet your faster than me and I finished career. Did u just not have enough time or something? @THR_MX_GOON


I’ve made the wall twice but then I eat it afterwards and I have around 100 attempts.


I always start off good on the nose wheelie then I get greedy and lean to far and crash :cry:


Ive hit it 3 times my current run is my best with the least amount of fuck ups lol. Around 100 attempts, this wall is a tad bit easier to me. Im never getting that nose wheelie tho


was gone for a while then came back and there was all these extra track packs and it was gonna take a lot of time to learn the tracks and beat m all. but this just comes back to point 10. I’m weak. only 28 tracks to go now I’ll get there :yum: