The OFFICIAL MSMX Jam Week #206 Discussion



First loser.



But you’ve secured out first ever top three place on a track, so I guess that’s sorts kinda almost ok.


this sounds kinda almost like a compliment. Can this week get any better?


Thanks man! Its a fun one :slight_smile:


I haven’t played it much but I will soon and its cool keep it up!


Guess I’m gonna have to put in 5 mins of effort Birdturd.


I know it’s true, but :fu::fu:t3::fu:t2::fu:t6::fu:t5::fu:t4:


Not too bad for 4 attempts ey?
I have a question is this track a replica of Anaheim 2?


Well, it seems to be working


Haha thanks dude i think from now on my jam racing is mainly just gonna be sort of trying to keep up with you though :joy::joy: youre fast as hell :sweat_smile:


How bout you fucus on not being a loser?


How bout you try and keep up with us as well instead of calling us losers :fu::smiley:


The days when the king led the army into battle have long passed.


only twice have I been able to get over the wall jump… on my 95th run and my 109th run the rest of the run was really shitty toh. im almost at 400 attempts and have not been able to jump over that wall one more time :disappointed_relieved:
very unusual for me to still play in jam on saturday.

How well do yall do at it?
I mean I put in 400 attempts to hit it twice
yal must do better then once every 200 attempts
zse prolly hits in in his sleep
and I just can not figure out how to do it properly.


I have 100 attempts at the moment and ive hit it quite a few times actually :grin: just lean forward right until you enter the whoops…then lean back…get a tap on one of the earlier whoops…lean back further till youre at the right angle and you should bounce over from one of the last few whoops


Yay improvement :grin:


Come on, @THR_MX_GOON :frowning:

You wouldn’t allow him break your streak on the Dutch leaderboards; would you? :wink:


The perfect nose-wheelie on the Jam track Treppenstepper.

Low 51s are possible.

@Bragstad @Zse743 @YG_DJAuzzi @JulitoBmx @THR_Doucheman @THR_MX_GOON @sixfootseven

Ready for the challenge? Who hits it first for the world record? :grin::grin::grin:


687 now still haven’t hit it… Is it just the angle to hit it in? do you lean forward or backward when you hit it. I don’t even nervous anymore when I have over 12 meters on my PR… cuz I know Ill die at that wall anyways. Like normally when you have a big lead on ur pr you get all nervous. I think Ill watch some of the top 25 guys hit it and maybe do some attempts this evening. Im not giving up yet but Im very close to it eheheheh

and that nose wheely is sick!!! if u can hit that in ur run :hugs: