The OFFICIAL MSMX Jam Week #206 Discussion


Another week, another set of tracks.
First track is Fantatical by @JoeW723 and the second is Treppenstepper by @OnTheFrontLine.

Show of hands… Who wants @OnTheFrontLine to go to Sweden and party with Joe and I?

Hmm… that would would be “Joe and me”. Dammit.






These tracks are awesome!!! :+1::+1::+1:




I am loving these replica tracks.


These are some sick tracks, check out my first look video if you get a chance :metal:


How you know you have a horrible time…you can still see Birdshaw on the list



You get the culturally inclusive fuck you.


Still need a lot of improvement, and I got that time on the bus but I havent liked a track this much in a long time great job @OnTheFrontLine


Hey @THR_LorkyMX2
Fuck you!


Love Treppenstepper😍


@THR_Doucheman back in town? You do not compete in jam every week huh?


like the idea of making them at the start of the jam week


Show off hands!


I usually do its more that i dont always play the jams a lot and somtimes i have a week where i dont feel like playing at all :grin:


sounds like loser talk to me


Hahaha you could say “i am number 1 in the world right now” and you would still call it losertalk :joy::joy::joy:


like last week I was proud to show I was in 2nd place in jam. All I got was the comment first loser :disappointed_relieved:


Welcome to THR😀