The OFFICIAL MSMX Jam Week #205 Discussion

Thursday is here and so are the new tracks.
this week they are Back to Bed by @JoeW723 and Mamasan by @rcboxer

give em a few thousand runs will ya?


Love 'm :heart_eyes:

Love mamasan so much😍

Hey umm there’s a dude that has a time of 8 seconds on Mamasan someone else has a time of 9 seconds on Back to bed @THR_Birdshaw @hyarion @OnTheFrontLine @JoeW723 just letting you guys know in case you didn’t.

@JoeW723 love the replica of Houston thank you I can’t get enough of replica tracks I’m curious of what A2 will look like.

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@rcboxer nice track man I love those jumps!

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Great tracks this week guys!

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Thanks!!! Glad you like it :blush:

OMG:roll_eyes: I was on my best run at back to bed so far. Then I got the in game achievement 8 seconds wheelie and the google play achievement 10 seconds wheelie pop up got distracted for a millisecond and had the worst crash ever, got back up like it was nothing and put in a decent time after this. I wonder what my time would have been had I not crashed that run. but mostly wonder how come I never completed a 8-10 seconds wheelie before -.-


My time stuck in 32.00 on mamasan. Give me some tips to get 31.00+ pleasee

You need a good skip over the whoops. You wanna land on the flat part after them instead of overshooling it.

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I have problem with the first whoops. I can’t tap it. So many attempts for that😂
Thats about 60 attempts

Ive done hundreds just getting that bit right… once!

:joy: me too

So curious… anyone know where the track name mamasan came from? It has nothing to do with the meaning in the dictionary. Hint, has something to do with music :blush:

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yeah feel like there’s 2 crucial points on the track that you need to hit right. the first whoops with the wheel tap and that last triple… I’ve hit that first whoopie tap maybe 10 times and the last triple still haven’t hit it with a full speed scrub. think everyone has that problem eheheh

Maybe backscrub at the last triple can make it perfect😂

I have kinda gotten out of playing lately with school and just life. So ill just start grinding in between races on saturdays, and hopefully start playing vs agian


Lol same here I just got the 10 sec wheelie - couple weeks ago. And got the 5 backflip thing a couple weeks ago also.

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Howd you do the5 backflip one ?