The OFFICIAL MSMX Jam Week # 204 Discussion


The tracks this week are Halo by @mx.phreek and Float by JoeMamaSoSlow.

Joeseph has built for a long, long time,
Now it’s time for him to pass the torch.
He has tracks with endo tricks and backscrubs.
He has built them with whoops like an asshole.

It’s time to pass the torch,
You’re too old to build, no more buildin’ for you.
We’re takin’ you to a home,
But we will sing a song about you.

And we will make sure that you’re very well taken care of.
You’ll tell us secrets that you’ve learned.

Your sauce will mix with ours,
And we’ll make a good track pack baby.
Joseph, time to go!
You must give your editor to Birdshaw
And a smaller one for Frontline


A1 replica track is a slightly tamed down version without the really big stretches so it’s possible to make most of jumps on majority of bikes. Just means you have to scrub a little harder on faster ones.


I just decided to watch the top runs to see if the tracks looked fun… The guy in first (Syukri_halim97) doesn’t have a legit time @hyarion his run on track 1 finishes randomly somewhere halfway on the track :thinking:


I don’t really know what happend there, I’ve seen it before too once :thinking:
I’ve downloaded his replay to my computer so we can investigate if it happens again


I love the replica tracks, and Halo does not disappoint!


Love this weeks tracks! I had to take a good week off. Idk where it is coming from my hands hurt more the more I play, like really bad joint pain. Played so much versus in the Christmas weeks it even hurt when I wasn’t playing. try loosin up a bit whilst playin maybe. Like you just have to touch those buttons but the pressure you put on it comes close to my bodyweight (on jupiter).


well that’s not going to last very long, but I like the looks of it.
:blush: :disappointed_relieved:


First loser.


Does anyone know the record for consecutive jam week wins? I know back in the MSM 1 days Master52 killed it every week, or close to it. Was wondering if ZSE or Bragstad have come close to, or have set a new record?


8th loser now. Hopefully I will stay inside the top 100 with those times so I can focus on what is important (Versus). Maybe after finishing all challenges (a sh!tl0@d of m) there some time and hands left to better my jam times.
Seems like all those tv commercials for voltaren emugel pay off @THR_Doucheman :rofl: :rofl: .


More than likely zse has the highest but I am not positive on that. Master52 had tons of back to back wins on msmx1


I love the A1 replica track halo! Can we have a replica of each supercross track? @THR_Birdshaw @OnTheFrontLine @JoeW723


We usually do.


Ok sweet I’m hoping to see a replica of Houston next week I just watched qualifying and can’t wait for the race the track looks sick! @THR_Birdshaw


performance/framerate on 2nd track is so bad, being able to disable backgrounds is a feature long overdue


Aliens have taken over the leaderboards.
I’m sure @ZSE743 will be surprised to see himself be placing around 10th on the leaderboards :joy:


Ive got Ben on it. He’ll try to figure out whats going on and take care of it.


The way all of them starts at the middle of the track is quite novel. I think it is one hacker


Perhaps. Or at least the same method. The IPs are all over the place.


Yes! Supercross replicas next week!