The OFFICIAL MSMX Jam Week #203 Discussion


The tracks this week are Squid Row by @JoeW723 and Snake Bite by @mx.phreek.

Birdshawian Rhapsody

Is this a good track
Oh no It’s fantasy
Caught in a phone game
With no escape to reality

Open your eyes
Look down on the screen and see
I’m just an great guy, I need some sympathy
Because I’m easy come, easy go
Awesome beard, awesome flow
Anywhere the whoops go
Really, really matters to me, to me.

Joseph… Just built a track
I dont like it very much
It is horrible it sucks
Joseph… the jam had just begun
And now you’ve gone and thrown it all away.

Joseeeeph, uuuuuuuhhhhhhh
Why you try to make me cry
If that track’s not gone by this time tomorrow
I’ll whine on, I’ll whine one, as if nothing really matters

happy @THR_Doucheman?


Tracks are great this week.


Snake bite was designed by THR_Squid72 from track building Forum that I built for him like 4 months or more ago :flushed: It’s took a lot longer than it should of to get in jam cause the track got lost for a good while. It’s here now so enjoy, better late than never lol.


Lol i noticed that. Tracks look like tons of fun, great job.


really liking both tracks


Mind sharing how the name Squid Row came about then? @mx.phreek @JoeW723

It seems @THR_Squid72 has a hand in both tracks?


The name was suggested on the build stream. It may very Well have been @THR_Squid72 that suggested it.


Actually it wasnt me, if it has to do with me or not, i dont know.


Poetry is in. A little late this week. Had to Wait for my muse. This week It’s called freddy.


Holyshit now make a version where you sing it like you did with the birdshaw in a pear tree :joy:


Idk man… a little more challenging than the last one.

I really like the track btw😀


Challenging isn’t a bad thing… JUST DO IT! DON’T LET MY DREAMS BE DREAMS!
Okay maybe you singing that isn’t exactly my dream but you should still make it happen :joy:


Check out the new video if you get a chance guys!
Nice tracks again this week :metal:


@THR_Doucheman your up :metal:


His up what?


Yeah his what! is up?
But man you’re on this week :+1::smiley:


Ive recorded the poem into sweet, sweet music. For those interested check first post.


Bra-vo. Enough to make a grown man cry😜 that was beautiful👏


@THR_Doucheman your up again :metal:


His up what?