The OFFICIAL MSMX Jam Week #202 Discussion


yeah tell me about it, skipped it a bunch but just always means a terrible rest of the track lol


Don’t worry about the wall skip. I’ve seen plenty of 1:02 runs without it.



I got the wall skip clean :muscle::grinning: super shitty rest of the run cause i played it super safe but still got me a pretty good spot on the leaderboards :ok_hand:


Btw @hyarion (no clue if you’re the guy for this btw) the guy on my screenshot above who’s in first called Qwezr is either a cheated or a glitched time… In the case of cheated maybe something to look into :wink:




Very nice!!!
I can’t seem to keep it clean after I get the wall jump haha :man_facepalming:t3::joy:


I’ve removed his time on the combined leaderboard (it looked ok on the others)
I have no idea what happened there, maybe someone already removed his glitched time on one of the tracks but forgot about the combined one.
Thanks for the heads up




@everyone track build stream right now! aka monroe201 builder of track 201 from week 201