The OFFICIAL MSMX Jam Week #202 Discussion


Hey… That IS a thing! That’s the pulling a Birdshaw!


You fucking had a move this WHOLE time!!!@???


No I mean Thats what its gonna be from now on. We just had to dig deep to find it!


As in @THR_chykason_NG pulled a Birdshaw this thursday.


Okay, okay. I see. I was thinking too hard for this but I’m glad you are happy now. That’s what matters.


The other way would have been funnier tho😀


Well… braggy got both walls…



I think I lit a fire in him with my “he’s not very often in the top three” comment😀


The end is unclean tho… do the three touch trick to see him vs svends and see him screaming at him in the end.


When you fall flat on your face trying to do a kudla flip. #birdflop its the opposite of anything good in the game. In other words you screwed up.
Hahaha Jk I’m just messin’ with you birdy


Update: won’t be streaming because the router is too far from my garage and airserver won’t pick up my phone. Be back in a few more weeks with likely some more internet bullshit. :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2::joy:


GODDAMMIT, GERDES! YOU SUCK! And I was even awake to watch it!



(aside from sleeping of course :grinning:)


Try to drown out the sound of me banging your mom.


Luckily my headphones are not letting the sound of that through :fu::grinning:


Trust me guys I’m beyond pissed about it. I’m so done with internet providers fucking me over. :joy:


Those fuckers better be QC35s or they wont block out what I have in store.


Dang! I’m tired of @Matt_Kudla track. Everytime I finally hit the wall bounce I screw up in the rythym section. I’m cursed. :disappointed:


I hate Matt as much as the next guy, but will you drink a damn beer and fire a bottle rocket from your teeth.


Hell yeah I will but its barely 8 pm over here birdy haha! Ever seen jackass?